Here you can download programs and articles related to holographic printing

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Deep 3D master-originals for embossed holography.

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i-Lumograms can be used for various applications. Some of them are described in this article.

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Digital Holography

In 1999 we invented and patented the first digital holographic printing system  based on RGB pulsed laser technology. Since then we have provided a printing service for full-colour digital holograms - or i-Lumograms - and probably the largest range of equipment for the manufacture and display of pulsed laser digital holograms in the world.

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Lighting solutions

Here you will find lighting and display solutions for i-Lumograms of any size.

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Digital Hologram Printing Service

We can print digital holograms (i-Lumograms) from your files.

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Digital Imaging Equipment

For printing we use a video file or a sequence of images shot in a special way.

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