Holographic Studios HS2 and HS5

The HS series analogue holography studios are integrated computer controlled systems that have been designed for the semi-automatic production of transmission and reflection display holograms. Analogue holograms are monochrome or "rainbow" colour, but they have almost infinite resolution.

HS-2 and HS-5 analogue holography studios

Designed to produce monochrome analogue holograms:
- HS-2 - holograms in size of up to 60x40cm
- HS-5 - holograms in size of up to 100x140cm

Studios description

 Each HS analogue holography studio comprises:
- pulsed holography camera with 2 or 5 Joule pulsed laser inside;
- set of mirrors for laser radiation directing;
- rig for H1 master hologram image transfer to H2 hologram copy;
- computer control of all camera operations.

Holography camera works pretty much like usual photocamera with flash lamp. The difference is that in holography camera as light source is incorporated a powerful ether 2 or 5 Joule pulsed laser and holography camera has no lenses - image of holographied object goes directly to photosensitive material. That allows to achieve great 3D image resolution of 3,000 lines per millimeter. Laser light pulse duration is only 30-50 nanoseconds, so really fast processes can be memorized in 3D.

In HS-2 and HS-5 studios one can make master holograms and then transfer master hologram images to hologram copies. This holographic image transfer also is called H1-H2 transfer. Master holograms are viewable only in laser light and hologram copies are viewable when illuminated by halogen lamp or other point light source.


HS-2 Analogue Holography StudioHS-2 Analogue Holography Studio HS-5 Analogue Holography StudioHS-5 Analogue Holography Studio


Technical specifications

Parameter HS-2 HS-5
Hologram manufacture speed 20 analogue holograms per hour (not dependent on hologram size)
Maximum size of master holograms 40x60cm 80x100cm
Maximum size of master hologram copies 40x60cm 80x120cm
Maximum scene depth 2m 5m
Holographic camera size 1.8m x 0.8m x 2.2m 2m x 0.8m x 2.2m
Model of laser used G2J G5J
Energy of laser pulse 2 Joules 5 Joules
Pulse duration of laser flash ~35ns
Coherence length of laser radiation >3m
Electrical Requirement Standard single phase household supply 240VAC
Other requirements Standard household water connection

Holographic portrait mastering in HS Holographic Studio.Holographic portrait mastering in HS Holographic Studio.

The HS Studio in master transfer modeThe HS Studio in master transfer mode

HS-5 camera unitHS-5 camera unit

HS-5 camera unit and power supply/control rackHS-5 camera unit and power supply/control rack

HS-5 computer control interface HS-5 computer control interface

HS-2 computer control interfaceHS-2 computer control interface